Here at Drives and Automation we can offer you a full range of services to help you with your automation systems.


We have extensive retrofit experience, removing old or obsolete control systems and replacing them with new.  The requirement to upgrade old or obsolete control systems is inevitable as down time and instability increases after a number of years, you may wish to change your AC or DC motors, your drive systems or both.  Our engineers work closely with you to determine requirements and timescales to ensure minimum interruption to operations.  Following retrofit your application will be working as good as it did when new, in many cases it will be working better.

System Integration

If you have an idea, the beginnings of a plan, a desire to make it happen; but you aren't sure how to go about it, simply get in touch!  Our Engineers can meet with you to help turn your idea into a reality.   We are equally happy to work to your specifications and with your staff or subcontractors to fill in the gaps in your skill set and knowledge.  The choice is down to you, and Drives and Automation can guide you every step of the way.

We have speciality knowledge in many areas including:-

  • Moving Structures
  • Multi Hoist Control and Synchronization
  • Web Control
  • Coilers / Winders
  • DC Drives / Field Control / Ward Leonard Control
  • AC drive modules and associated operation and control
  • Old and obsolete AC and DC drive modules
  • Multi-drive systems and configuration
  • PLC controlled systems
  • Communication systems
  • Drive/motor combinations

Drives and Servos

Getting the fundamental design principle correct is vital to a successful drive system. Our drive system solutions are based on a sound understanding of the mechanical functionality, any interface with existing equipment and discussions with our clients. We can help your mechanical designers understand how an engineered drive system can simplify your mechanical design.

If you have a broken drive we can offer a full repair service.  If it isn't beyond economical repair we will advise you on the repair price and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Service and Breakdown Support

Has your machine stopped working? We look at the whole machine control system and fault find down to each device. This maybe a limit switch, an encoder, a drive, a motor, an IO point or a loose wire. Whether it is a single drive, multi-drive system or PLC system our team of engineers are able to offer on site service and breakdown support to get you up and running again quickly.

Drive Capacitor Reforming

Without reforming, you run the risk of capacitors getting damaged when the converter starts to operate. It is recommended that you reform the capacitors once a year so that your spare drive is already ready for use when you need it.

Our trained engineers can assess and reform the capacitors as necessary on your drives.

Legacy Vulnerability

Modern drives however are fairly reliable, and once in place require little attention.  Overtime though your drive will progress through the product life cycle from introduction, to legacy to obsolete. Drives and Automation are able to offer a vulnerability audit on old drives in most UK locations.

Control System Build

We manufacture new control panels, drive panel and operator stations all designed by our engineers with thermal calculations to provide a long life. Signal paths and EMC considerations form the base of our designs.


Need a helping hand?  Is your plant misbehaving? There is nothing worse than having unexplained and intermittent niggles with your equipment, do you have a feeling it should be running much better than it is?

  • Unstable Drive Systems?
  • Machinery control issues?
  • Motor Instability?
  • Production line issues?

Our engineering team can meet with you on site, and with a fresh pair of eyes carry out an investigation into what is happening.  We can offer guidance on improvements, upgrades and retrofits to address any issues found.


Drives and Automation can provide on-site product training on both drive products and system solutions; including on-site operator/maintenance training to help protect your investment and ensure maximum production.
We can tailor training courses to suit your engineers requirements from basic drive first principles to bespoke control systems.