Proper motor installation and mounting position is essential in obtaining top-quality operation, efficient performance, and maximum reliability.  Sometimes, however, there is confusion about the many different ways a motor can be installed.  

There are two different standards—NEMA and IEC—  which you will see when looking at electric motor mounting positions.  Although they are generally comparable, there are slight differences between the two.

The standard IEC mounting position places the junction box on the top of the motor, known as the IM B3 mounting position in IEC frame (or F3 in NEMA frames).  On the other hand, the NEMA standard mounting position is referred to as F1, with the junction/conduit box located on the left side of the motor facing the output shaft.    

The design of  most motors is such that they can usually be operated in many mounting positions, unless indicated otherwise.  Some mounting positions, however, require additional construction modifications to achieve optimal performance.  For example, shaft-up or shaft-down outdoor applications may require drilling of additional drain holes, drip covers and stronger bearings to support heavy loads.  Don't just assume you can bolt any motor in any orientation!

Below is a visual reference of typical electric motor mounting positions.  Whether you're an installer, engineer, or maintainer, this is a must -have reference.

Motor Mounting Arrangements (IEC standard 60034-7)

IM Ref#Shaft FeetMount
IM 1001 / IM B3Horizontalon FloorFoot
IM 1071 / IM B8Horizontalon ceilingFoot
IM 1051 / IM B6HorizontalWall mounted (feet lhs when viewed from drive end)Foot
IM 1011 / IM V5Verticalon wallFoot
IM 1061 / IM B7HorizontalWall mounted (feet rhs when viewed from drive end) Foot
IM 1031 / IM V6Verticalon wall Foot
IM 3001 / IM B5HorizontalFlange
IM 2001 / IM B35Horizontalon FloorFlange
IM 3011 / IM V1Vertical (facing down)Flange
IM 2011 / IM V15Vertical (facing down)on wallFlange
IM 3031 / IM V3Vertical (facing up)Flange
IM 2031 / IM V36Vertical (facing up)on wallFlange
IM 3601 / IM B14 HorizontalFace
IM 2101 / IM B34Horizontalon wallFace
IM 3611 / IM V18Vertical (facing down)Face
IM 2111 / IM V58Vertical (facing down)on wallFace
IM 3631 / IM V19 Vertical (facing up)Face
IM 2131 / IM V69Vertical (facing up)on wallFace
IM 9101 / IM B9Horizontalthreaded tie rodsNo drive end shield
IM 1201 / IM B15Horizontalfeet and threaded tie rodsNo drive end shield
IM Ref#Shaft FeetMount


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