Drives and Automation have carried a number of crane and handling retrofit projects, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance overhead.  Details of a few of our projects are shown below.

Cranes - Arrol Crane Drives at Freightliner, Garstang

Cranes - Arrol Crane Drive Drive System by Drives and Automation

Freightliner has reduced downtime on its second Arrol container crane by replacing the cranes old drives with a new system provided by Drives and Automation Ltd.

With loads of up to 32 tonnes, safety was a major factor in the upgrade so DnA proposed a Pilz Multi PLC system controlling ABB DCS800 DC drives and the system was built into an existing control room on top of the crane.

Reliability has been improved, vital for a port which is handling over 150,000 tonnes of cargo annually.

Cranes - Grab Crane Drives at Tata Steel, Scunthorpe

Cranes - Grab Crane Drives at Tata Steel, Scunthorpe

DnA replaced the cranes outdated slipring motor control system with variable speed control to reduce downtime and maintenance headaches.

The new control system housed Control Techniques Unidrive inverters, an Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC along with a safety relay and Cresall dynamic braking resistors, all housed in a Rittal stainless steel cabinet mounted next to the control pulpit.