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 DnA Verdict: - 

  • The Lenze SMD inverter is a simple no nonsense drive
  • Very competitively priced
  • Easy to set up - single sheet manual anyone can understand
  • Highly recommended for basic applications
  • Small size makes it ideal for retrofitting
  • Also available in IP65 Dustproof version

 Features  Options
  • Compact Design
  • Integrated keypad
  • Plug in parameter storage
  • Isolated I/O
  • Integral Class A RFI Filter - 1ph unit
  • Onboard PID std option - 3ph unit
  • DIN Rail mounting
  • RFI Filters
  • IP65 Remote keypad
  • Dynamic Braking Module
  • Through Plate mounting
  • Cold Plate
files/graphics/filetypes/pdfbraking_unit.pdf - 434kb
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files/graphics/filetypes/pdfmanual_3ph_smd.pdf - 595kb
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files/graphics/filetypes/pdfmanual_1ph_smd.pdf - 400kb
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files/graphics/filetypes/pdffilters.pdf - 539kb
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files/graphics/filetypes/pdflecom.pdf - 954kb
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files/graphics/filetypes/pdfmodbus.pdf - 924kb
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files/graphics/filetypes/pdfdin_rail_mount.pdf - 545kb
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files/graphics/filetypes/pdfepm_programmer.pdf - 1595kb
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files/graphics/filetypes/pdfKeypad.pdf - 567kb
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